Star Alliance Virtual

Allowing you to fly where you want when you want how you want.

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What We Can
Provide You

What we strive to do here at Star Alliance Virtual is to allow pilots to fly what they want when they want through one VA. We offer a variety of ways to fly (different airlines, plane types) and other ways to learn how to fly (Training sessions and manuals.)

Any Plane

Fly with any of our equipment.


Fly to any of our destinations.


Fly whenever you want.

Guides and One on One Instruction

You can take advantage of our manuals and training staff.

To achieve the advantages listed above, we have 27 airlines in Star Alliance Virtual. These are the same airlines that are a part of the Star Alliance.

More Information?

Below we have listed our three main goals. These goals are also what you can expect at Star Alliance Virtual.

What this means is that we want to provide a VA that you can fly everywhere you want to based on Star Alliance's route structure which has the most routes out of any current alliance. That's 14,000 routes you could fly. With this structure in place. you will be able to go on with your regular flying, while still logging hours for Star Alliance Virtual.
We know some of our new pilots are not avid virtual pilots or this is their first time in the cockpit, so we offer manuals and 1-on-1 instruction time for our pilots. It may be the case you know how to fly and you just want to fly on an even more realistic level. We also offer up-to-date checklists and liveries. If you are interested, you can also request discount codes for our sponsor's products.
Here at Star Alliance Virtual you can expect a kind community where you can share your opinions, ask for help, or critique the work of others without being judged.